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Booking Trailer MOCO

Time for check in: from 3:30pm to 8:30pm (If you would like to check in between 8:30pm and 12am, you will be charged additional fee ¥4,400. You cannot check in after midnight.)

Time for check out: from 7:30am to 10am (You need to let us know ahead of time if you would like to check out before 7:30am. Extending the check out time requires an extension fee ¥3,300. ¥1,100 per person until 2pm maximum.)

*Once the number of pet has been decided, please provide us the number ahead of time. We will prepare the water proof sheet for your pet.

*Please make an appointment for minors after getting the approval of the parents.

Amenities: Night wear, bath towel, face towel, slippers, hair drier, shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, shower cap, disposable shaver, tooth brush, toothpaste, cotton swabs, Q-tip, hair brush,towel change is ¥220 for a fee , flat-screen TV , air condition, small kitchen, 「Cookware set,small fridge, frying pan, pot, knives , dishes(Please ask the front desk ¥550), dish soup, hand soup, cleanser, sponge, dish towel, toilet space for the pet, alcohol spray, and floor cloth, electric mosquito-coil(summer season),oil fan heater(winter season).

【Time for dinner】: dinner is provided between 4pm to 9pm.
You can choose either
A) Dinner at room:
"Shinano chicken chicken hot pot" ¥2,200 for 1 person / reception from 2 persons (reservation required by 16:00 the day before)
* Information on ingredients
Local chicken: I grew up in the nature of Kita-Shinano (5 birds per 1 square meter), running around freely and drinking spring water.
All other ingredients are fresh from the local area. Enjoy chicken pots that can only be eaten in Nagano (^^)
Pot contents: local chicken drumsticks, grilled tofu, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, green onions, carrots, garland chrysanthemum, shirataki, ojiya
Ojiya contents: rice, egg, chopped onion

"Karuizawa Kogen Lettuce Shabu-Shabu hot pot" ¥2,200 per person (reservation required by 16:00 the day before :April-October)
* Information on ingredients
Lettuce: We directly purchase lettuce grown by Karuizawa farmers.
All other ingredients are fresh from the local area. Enjoy the lettuce pot that can only be eaten in Karuizawa (^^)
Pot contents: Karuizawa plateau lettuce, pork (for shabu-shabu), mushrooms, carrots, mizuna, udon

"Mushroom cooked rice" 1,650 yen per person (reservation required by 16:00 the day before, :November-March)
* Information on ingredients
Mushrooms: locally produced in Shinshu
All other ingredients are fresh from the local area. Enjoy rice cooked only in Nagano (^^)

B) Dinner at cafe(Dinner set ・A la carte)

C) Renting BBQ equipment
If we, the hotel, provide food, BBQ food set is ¥3,520 per person. (Meats, vegetables, mushrooms, sausages, and Yakisoba (fried noodles))
It’s free for 2 hours of usage. If you bring your own food, we will charge ¥1,100 per person for 2 hours as a fuel fee.
Please reserve the equipment and provide us the time you start using it. (If you wish to extend your BBQ rental, ¥550 per person as an additional fee.)

Breakfast is served at restaurant after 7:30 am.
Please reserve the previous day. ¥990 per person.

*The price we have shown here include sales tax.

★When booking your reservation, please have the following information ready.
•Number of pets
•Estimate time for checking in
•Estimate time for checking out
•Reservation for dinner and breakfast.
★If you don’t a get conformation Email, you may want to change your spam folder in your inbox. If you have any questions please call us the following number, +81267-41-0451.

September 2021 Trailer MOCO

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

October 2021>
[A] price for winter weekdays

[B] price for spring&autumn weekdays & winter weekend

[C] price for weekdays & spring&autumn weekend

[D] price for weekend and winter holidays

[E] price for spring&autumn holidays and winter continuous holiday

[F] price for holiday and summer vacation

[G] price for summer vacation and new year`s holiday

[H] price for special day

Trailer PIGU 1 building [A] ¥8,800 [B] ¥10,450 [C] ¥12,100 [D] ¥14,300 [E] ¥17,050 [F] ¥19,800 [G] ¥23,100 [H] ¥26,400
Trailer PIGU 1 people stay [A] ¥6,600 [B] ¥7,700 [C] ¥8,800 [D] ¥9,900 [E] ¥12,100 [F] ¥14,300 [G] ¥16,500 [H] ¥18,700

Trailer MOCO 1 building [A] ¥12,100 [B] ¥14,300 [C] ¥16,500 [D] ¥18,700 [E] ¥22,000 [F] ¥26,400 [G] ¥30,800 [H] ¥35,200
Trailer MOCO 1 people stay [A] ¥8,800 [B] ¥10,450 [C] ¥12,100 [D] ¥13,750 [E] ¥16,500 [F] ¥19,800 [G] ¥23,100  [H] ¥26,400

Trailer SOLA 1 building [A] ¥14,300 [B] ¥17,050 [C] ¥19.800 [D] ¥22,550 [E] ¥27,500 [F] ¥33.000 [G] ¥38,500  [H] ¥44,000
Trailer SOLA 1 people stay [A] ¥11,000 [B] ¥13,200 [C] ¥15,400 [D] ¥17,600 [E] ¥22,000 [F] ¥24,200 [G] ¥27,500  [H] ¥30,800

Trailer CHLOE 1 building [A] ¥16,500 [B] ¥19,800 [C] ¥23,100 [D] ¥26,400 [E] ¥33,000 [F] ¥39,600 [G] ¥46,200  [H] ¥52,800
Trailer CHLOE 1 people stay [A] ¥13,750 [B] ¥16,500 [C] ¥19,250 [D] ¥22,000 [E] ¥24,750 [F] ¥27,500 [G] ¥30,250  [H] ¥33,000

Trailer MAX 1 building [A] ¥6,600 [B] ¥7,700 [C] ¥8,800 [D] ¥9,900 [E] ¥11,000  [F] ¥13,200  [G] ¥15,400 [H] ¥17,600
Trailer MAX 1 people stay [A] ¥4,950  [B] ¥6,050  [C] ¥7,150  [D] ¥8,250 [E] ¥9,350  [F] ¥11,000  [G] ¥12,650  [H] ¥14,300

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