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Booking Trailer MOCO

Time for check in: from 3:30pm to 8:30pm (If you would like to check in between 8:30pm and 12am, you will be charged additional fee ¥4,400. You cannot check in after midnight.)

Time for check out: from 7:30am to 10am (You need to let us know ahead of time if you would like to check out before 7:30am. Extending the check out time requires an extension fee ¥3,300. ¥1,100 per person until 2pm maximum.)

*Once the number of pet has been decided, please provide us the number ahead of time. We will prepare the water proof sheet for your pet.

*Please make an appointment for minors after getting the approval of the parents.

Amenities: Night wear, bath towel, face towel, slippers, hair drier, shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, shower cap, disposable shaver, tooth brush, toothpaste, cotton swabs, Q-tip, hair brush, flat-screen TV , air condition, small kitchen, small fridge, frying pan, pot, knives (Please ask the front desk), dishes, dish soup, hand soup, cleanser, sponge, dish towel, toilet space for the pet, alcohol spray, and floor cloth, electric mosquito-coil(summer season),oil fan heater(winter season).

【Time for dinner】: dinner is provided between 4pm to 9pm.
You can choose either
A) Dinner at room:
"Shinano chicken chicken hot pot" ¥2,200 for 1 person / reception from 2 persons (reservation required by 16:00 the day before)
* Information on ingredients
Local chicken: I grew up in the nature of Kita-Shinano (5 birds per 1 square meter), running around freely and drinking spring water.
All other ingredients are fresh from the local area. Enjoy chicken pots that can only be eaten in Nagano (^^)
Pot contents: local chicken drumsticks, grilled tofu, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, green onions, carrots, garland chrysanthemum, shirataki, ojiya
Ojiya contents: rice, egg, chopped onion

"Karuizawa Kogen Lettuce Shabu-Shabu hot pot" ¥2,200 per person (reservation required by 16:00 the day before :April-October)
* Information on ingredients
Lettuce: We directly purchase lettuce grown by Karuizawa farmers.
All other ingredients are fresh from the local area. Enjoy the lettuce pot that can only be eaten in Karuizawa (^^)
Pot contents: Karuizawa plateau lettuce, pork (for shabu-shabu), mushrooms, carrots, mizuna, udon

"Mushroom cooked rice" 1,650 yen per person (reservation required by 16:00 the day before, :November-March)
* Information on ingredients
Mushrooms: locally produced in Shinshu
All other ingredients are fresh from the local area. Enjoy rice cooked only in Nagano (^^)

B) Dinner at cafe(Dinner set ・A la carte)

C) Renting BBQ equipment
If we, the hotel, provide food, BBQ food set is ¥3,520 per person. (Meats, vegetables, mushrooms, sausages, and Yakisoba (fried noodles))
It’s free for 2 hours of usage. If you bring your own food, we will charge ¥1,100 per person for 2 hours as a fuel fee.
Please reserve the equipment and provide us the time you start using it. (If you wish to extend your BBQ rental, ¥550 per person as an additional fee.)

Breakfast is served at restaurant after 7:30 am.
Please reserve the previous day. ¥990 per person.

*The price we have shown here include sales tax.

★When booking your reservation, please have the following information ready.
•Number of pets
•Estimate time for checking in
•Estimate time for checking out
•Reservation for dinner and breakfast.
★If you don’t a get conformation Email, you may want to change your spam folder in your inbox. If you have any questions please call us the following number, +81267-41-0451.

February 2021 Trailer MOCO

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

March 2021>
[A] price for winter weekdays

[B] price for spring&autumn weekdays & winter weekend

[C] price for weekdays & spring&autumn weekend

[D] price for weekend and winter holidays

[E] price for spring&autumn holidays and winter continuous holiday

[F] price for holiday and summer vacation

[G] price for summer vacation and new year`s holiday

[H] price for special day

Trailer PIGU 1 building [A] ¥8,250 [B] ¥9,900 [C] ¥11,550 [D] ¥13,200 [E] ¥16,500 [F] ¥19,800 [G] ¥23,100 [H] ¥26,400
Trailer PIGU 1 people stay [A] ¥5,500 [B] ¥6,600 [C] ¥7,700 [D] ¥8,800 [E] ¥11,000 [F] ¥13,200 [G] ¥15,400 [H] ¥17,600

Trailer MOCO 1 building [A] ¥11,000 [B] ¥13,200 [C] ¥15,400 [D] ¥17,600 [E] ¥22,000 [F] ¥26,400 [G] ¥30,800 [H] ¥35,200
Trailer MOCO 1 people stay [A] ¥8,250 [B] ¥9,900 [C] ¥11,550 [D] ¥13,200 [E] ¥16,500 [F] ¥19,800 [G] ¥23,100  [H] ¥26,400

Trailer SOLA 1 building [A] ¥13,750 [B] ¥16,500 [C] ¥19.250 [D] ¥22,000 [E] ¥27,500 [F] ¥33.000 [G] ¥38,500  [H] ¥44,000
Trailer SOLA 1 people stay [A] ¥11,000 [B] ¥13,200 [C] ¥15,400 [D] ¥17,600 [E] ¥22,000 [F] ¥24,200 [G] ¥27,500  [H] ¥30,800

Trailer CHLOE 1 building [A] ¥16,500 [B] ¥19,800 [C] ¥23,100 [D] ¥26,400 [E] ¥33,000 [F] ¥39,600 [G] ¥46,200  [H] ¥52,800
Trailer CHLOE 1 people stay [A] ¥13,750 [B] ¥16,500 [C] ¥19,250 [D] ¥22,000 [E] ¥24,750 [F] ¥27,500 [G] ¥30,250  [H] ¥33,000

Trailer MAX 1 building [A] ¥5,500 [B] ¥6,600 [C] ¥7,700 [D] ¥8,800 [E] ¥11,000  [F] ¥13,200  [G] ¥15,400 [H] ¥17,600
Trailer MAX 1 people stay [A] ¥3,300  [B] ¥4,400  [C] ¥5,500  [D] ¥6,600 [E] ¥7,700  [F] ¥8,800  [G] ¥11,000  [H] ¥13,200

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