e_Jazz cafe

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Let us introduce our Jazz café and Itarian restrant!
How about Italian cuisine while listening to Italian jazz? Please enjoy our dinner course(please reserve in advance), set menu, and our most popular handmade pizza. Italian wine is also available for Spumante from Italian apertif.
We have a high quality audio system for playing the jazz music.
Our system consists avatgarde DUO omega speakers from Germany.
It has a horn speaker which creates a free and easy sound, which is perfect for jazz.
We also have a Mcintosh C40, MC252 as a preamp and power amp. These are a little classic, but it makes thick sound that helped to play high quality sound.
We also have a the Musical Fidelity X-Ray V8 CD player from Britten.
You can enjoy the best quality music with our music materials created by a recording engineer, Stefano Amerio.
Enjoy the jazz music!


e_Drink Menu

Karuizawa Coffee (Hot/Iced)¥540
Tea (Hot/Iced)¥540
Orange Juice¥540
Oolong tea¥540
Ginger Ale¥540
Non alcoholic Beer¥540

e_Corso&Set Menu

Dinner Course(It comes with aperitif and appetizer and soup and pasta and meat dish or fish dish and dessert and soft drink)Advance reservation¥5,400
Dinner Set(It comes with salad and soup and paeria and dessert and soft drink)Advance reservation¥3,780
Pasta (It comes with small salad and soup and soft drink)¥1,404
Today's meat dish (It comes with small salad and soup and soft drink)¥1,404
Pizza (It comes with small salad and soup and soft drink)Limited quantity¥1,458
Cake set with soft drink¥810
Pancake set with soft drink¥734
Parfait set with soft drink¥702
Today's dessert(Only for those who ate meals)¥486
Tree house Set¥1,620

e_A La Carte Menu

Grisini's raw ham roll¥432
Fried chichen with herbs¥648
Soute of mushrooms¥540
Milano style asparagus¥540
Italian potatoes¥540
Karuizawa soseji¥756
Food for dog
Small size¥324
Medium size¥626
Large size¥842

e_Alcohol Menu

Yonayona Beer Ale¥810
Draft Beer Large¥756
Draft Beer Small¥648
Heartland Beer¥540
Scotch Whiskey¥648
Bourbon Whiskey¥648
Beefeater Gin¥540
House Wine (Red/White)
(Italian Segreto)
After Dinner¥540~

e_Alcohol Bottle Menu

Spumante(La Valle Cuvee)¥2,700
Spumante Half(Martini)¥1,620
Vino Rosso(Claus Chianti D.O.C.G)¥2,160
Vino Rosso(Monte Tessa Nero Di Trroia 2014)¥2,700
Vino Rosso(Bacaro Rosso D.O.C Molise Riserva 2011)¥3,024
Beefeater Gin¥3,780
Ice & Water¥756