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Hours of operation: 10 am to sunset.

Entree fee: ¥550 (Sales tax is included)

Note: There is not time limit. However, if you reenter, we will charge you another ¥550.

There will be no entrance fee if you stay at the trailer house or eat at the cafe.

If you live in Miyota Town, you can use the dog run for 1 hour free of charge as part of our contribution to the community, so please come for a walk.
(Depending on the situation, it may not be available.)

Precaution !

  • Specifically we prohibit the guest from letting the dog to play at our dog park
    without being vaccinated for rabies.
  • A dog in heat (a dog in period) is not allowed to play around in our facility.
    (in the term of from the day one to about a month).
  • In the case you see your dog is running after another dog, and he/she is not happy about that,
    please take your leash and make a distance away from other dogs.
  • We require the parents to look after their kids and dogs when they play around.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Please clean up the trash and dog’s stool in the facility area.
  • Please do not bring any food to the dog park area.
  • Please make sure that you pay attention of others when your dog plays with toys.
  • Please make sure that you use leash all the time when it is outside of the dog park area.
    When inside the café, please use the ring to keep the leash on the wall.
  • We DO NOT hold responsibility for any troubles between you/your dog and other dogs/dog’s owner.
    Please make sure to solve the problem by yourself.