e_Dogrun cafe&American Diner

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Let us introduce our Dog run café and American diner!
Please enjoy our dinner set(please reserve in advance), set menu, and our most popular handmade pizza. We also offer Karuizawa craft beer,California wine and whiskey.
*Closed on Irregular Holiday”


e-Lunch Set Menu

Big Hamburger (It comes with small french fries and soft drink)¥1,210
Hamburger (It comes with small french fries and soft drink)¥990
Tartar sauce Hamburger (It comes with small french fries and soft drink)¥880
Hot Dog(It comes with small french fries and soft drink)¥660
Curry(it comes with small salada and soft drink)¥1,320
Pasta (It comes with small salad and soft drink)¥990
Pizza (It comes with small salad and soft drink)Saturday,Sunday,and Holiday only¥1,430
Pancake(It comes with soft drink)¥660
Parfait(It comes with soft drink)¥605

e_Drink Menu

Karuizawa Coffee (Hot/Iced)¥550
Tea (Hot/Iced)¥550
Shinshu apple cider¥550
Shinshu apple Juice¥550
Shinshu grape Juice¥550
Shinshu peach Juice¥550
Non alcoholic Beer¥550


Dinner Set(It comes with salad and soup and paeria and dessert and soft drink)Advance reservation¥3,850
Big Hamburger¥990
Tartar sauce Hamburger¥660
Hot Dog¥440
Pasta ¥770
Pizza L28㎝(Saturday,Sunday,and Holiday only)¥1,430
Cobb salad L size¥660
Cobb salad S size¥385
Caesar salad L size¥660
Caesar salad S size¥385

e_A La Carte Menu

French fries L size¥440
French fries S size¥275
Onion rings L size¥550
Onion rings S size¥330
Fried chichen L size¥660
Fried chichen S size¥385
Shrimp Tartar sauce L size¥880
Sausage Platter¥660
Mussels garlic saute¥660
Pickles L size¥385
Pickles S size¥220
Food for dog
Small size¥330
Medium size¥638
Large size¥858

e_Alcohol Menu

Various local Beers(cans)¥660
Draft Beer ¥770
House Wine (Red/White)¥550
Scotch Whiskey¥660
Bourbon Whiskey¥660

e_Alcohol Bottle Menu

Spumante(La Valle Cuvee)¥2,750
Spumante Half(Martini)¥1,650
Vino Rosso(Claus Chianti D.O.C.G)¥2,200
Vino Rosso(Monte Tessa Nero Di Trroia 2014)¥2,750
Vino Rosso(Bacaro Rosso D.O.C Molise Riserva 2011)¥3,080
Beefeater Gin¥3,850
Ice 1pale¥110