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News of accommodation discount and outing discount coupon usage in Nagano prefecture.

Go To Travel Business Accommodation Business (Direct Sales) Approved! (9/1)
If you would like to use GoTo Travel 35% discount, please apply at the time of booking. If you are a Tokyo guest, please let us know the number of guests. (That person is not eligible for the discount)
Charges added after booking and local payments are not eligible for the discount. (All discounts will be applied if the dog accommodation fee and meal fee are included at the time of booking)
"Rakuten Travel" and the reservation from "booking .com" and "Airbnb" have already sold GoTo Travel discount plan. Please confirm the local promotion coupon in each OTA.
Guests using the GoTo Travel Discount are required to show all guests' identities at check-in.
The documents required for identity verification are as follows.
○One point to be recognized as identity verification document: Document whose name, address and photo can be confirmed with one sheet Example: My number card, driver's license, driving history certificate, passport, residence card, special permanent resident certificate, sea Documents certifying that you have national qualifications such as skill diploma, various welfare notebooks such as disability certificate, seafarer's certificate, war and illness certificate, government official identification card, etc.○ However, if you do not have the above documents Of the documents of (2) and (2), it is possible to present as a document whose name and address can be confirmed by combining (1) two or (1) and (2). (1) Certificate of insured person for health insurance, etc. Certificate, pension certificate, pension certificate, etc. ②Student ID, company ID, qualification certificate issued by a public institution, etc. ※If you are a child under junior high school and do not have the above documents, your health insurance card And legal identification documents (driver's license, passport, etc.) can be used as a substitute
At check-in,we carry out a temperature test,hear physical condition information and disinfect the customer.

Notice of use of GOTO Travel Regional Promotion Coupon & GOTO Eat Meal Ticket & Shinshu Premium Meal Ticket .

Nagano Prefectural Support Ai Tourism Industry Emergency Support Project Target Business Registration Shinshu Go To Eat Campaign Target Business Registration.
You can use the regional promotion coupon and GOTO eat meal voucher!



Have a holiday while taking measures against corona (^ _-)-☆

Customers using Fe Diner and mobile home hotels are requested to measure the temperature and disinfect their fingers and shoe soles.
The cafe diner is ventilated and has a social distance.
Since each trailer house hotel is independent, there is no contact with other guests. Ventilation and disinfection are performed at the time of cleaning.Meals can be cooked in a mobile home or you can enjoy "Shinshu Local chicken hot pot". The barbecue house is reserved on time.
In addition, there are walking paths, soccer goals, basketball goals, kids' lands, and sauna (chartered / Reservation required at the time of accommodation reservation. 15:00/16: 00/17: 00/18: 00/19: 00-40 minutes each ), so only family or friends You can enjoy it at. We look forward to welcoming you as you can spend your holidays while taking measures against corona!


Traveller Review Awards 2022 & Super Host

Received "8.6" at the "Traveller Review Awards 2022" by Booking.com.
Recertified  as a super host by Airbnb .


Price Rates

Here are the price rates for the usage of the dog park, price of dining selection, and lodging expense at the trailer house.

Dog Park

Hours of operation: 10 am to sunset.
Entree fee: ¥550 (Sales tax is  included)
Note: There is not time limit. However, if you reenter, we will charge you another ¥550.
There will be no entrance fee if you stay at the trailer house or eat at the cafe.
If you live in Miyota Town, you can use the dog run for 1 hour free of charge as part of our contribution to the community, so please come for a walk.
(Depending on the situation, it may not be available.)

See detail about dog park.

Price rates for Trailer House stay.

The five trailers have unique themes for each individual room. They’re all for people who wants to stay with their loving pets together. All mobile homes are non-smoking!
The floor is easy to walk for your dog and is also easy to clean.
We have water proof sheets so you can sleep with your pet on the bed.* Bed guards will be rented free of charge to guests with children, so please feel free to contact us!

*The sales tax is not included in the price shown on this website.



2+ guests for ¥16,500~ per night
(One guest for ¥11,000~ per night)

The price ¥16,500~ is room price
for 2 guests or more.

Cleaning sheets fee: ¥1,650 per person.

Length of the Trailer: 11m long (Approx. 36 feet)

Maximum occupancy: 5 people


2+ guests for ¥6,600~ per night
(One guest for ¥4,950~ per night)

The price ¥6,600~ is room price
for 2 guests or more.

Cleaning sheets fee: ¥1,650 per person.

Length of the Trailer: 6m long (Approx. 19 feet)

Maximum occupancy: 2 people


2+ guests for ¥19,800~ per night
(One guest for ¥13,750~ per night)

The price ¥19,800~ is room price
for 2 guests or more.

Cleaning sheets fee: ¥1,650 per person.

Length of the Trailer: 12m long (Approx. 39feet)

Maximum occupancy: 8 people


2+ guests for ¥9,900~ per night
(One guest for ¥6,600~ per night)

The price ¥9,900~ is room price
for 2 guests or more.

Cleaning sheets fee: ¥1,650 per person.

Length of the Trailer: 6m long (Approx. 19 feet)

Maximum occupancy: 3 people



2+ guests for ¥13,200~ per night
(One guest for ¥8,800~ per night)

The price ¥13,200~ is room price
for 2 guests or more.

Cleaning sheets fee: ¥1,650 per person.

Length of the Trailer: 10m long (Approx. 33 feet)

Maximum occupancy: 4 people(Sleeping 2 people in a semi-double, 5 people in all)

* Customers who make a reservation from the website will receive 1 point for every 3,000 yen used for the LINE stamp or customer card. With 25 points, you can stay at half price for the next room, and with 50 points, you can stay for free. (Homepage reservation limited service, advance notice required, points do not expire)
*We do not have discounts for children, however infants can stay for free. We do not have beds and linens prepared for infants.
*As a damage compensation deposit, we will keep ¥10,000 at check-in and refund it at check-out.
*Cooking utensils such as kitchen knives,frying pans and saucepans,plates forks and spoons will be rented for ¥550.(Reservation required.  Excluding Max,  * Cooking with a residual odor is prohibited (if the odor remains at check-out, we will charge the room price the next day! )
*If you are using the sauna, please request the usage time at the time of booking. (15:00-,16: 00-, 17: 00-, 18: 00-, 19: 00-about 40 minutes) Since each trailer house is reserved, it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
* The barbecue space in front of the cafe / wood deck can be used for 1,100 yen per hour if you bring everything in. (Reservation required, can be used until 21:00, cannot be used in rainy weather)
* "Sola" and "Pig" have their own barbecue space. If you bring everything in, you can use it for free. (Reservation required, can be used until 21:00, cannot be used in rainy weather)
*”Chloe”has a baby and kids plan (paying  ¥2,200).
*Pets can stay for ¥1,650 per night. Additional pets will be charged an extra ¥1,100.
*There is a cleaning fee for bed sheets. However if you stay 2+ nights, you have the option of requesting your bed sheets unchanged.
*You can get 10% discount the room price if you stay 2+ nights upon the second night (excluding consecutive holidays and top season)or make a last-minute reservation (the same day or the day before) or long-term reservation (more than 180 days ahead).
*20% off the room price for  stay of 7 days or more and 30% off for stays of 30 days or more.
*Repeater (Please enter the dates and facilities you stayed in the past)and advance reservations (more than 90 days ahead) discount 5% the room price .(Reservation limited service from our website.)
*Repeat customers can check in at 14:30 and check out at 11:00. (Reservation limited service from our website.)
*Please be quiet after 23:00 as it will be a nuisance to other customers.
*Bed guards will be rented free of charge to guests with children, so please feel free to contact us.
*The price we provide does included sales tax.

Baby&Kids Plan(Chloe Limited)started ♬

The new trailer house ”Chloe"  has a bedroom flat and a large bathroom so that baby correspondence became possible!!
If you wish, please apply at the time of reservation .Paid ¥2,200(The following goods are prepared in the room).
"Children's slippers・Children's toothbrushes・Baby cotton swab・Cotton・Diaper changing TATAMI・Diaper trash can・Humidifier・Baby chair・Kitchen utensils・Mineral water・Baby bottle detergent・Baby bottle disinfection container(Using microwave oven)・Baby bath・Baby mat bath・Hot water temperature gauge・Child bath chair・Children's basin・Shampoo hat・Baby compatible shampoo & conditioner & body shampoo & hand soap・Various toys(ANPANMAN etc)."


Wood Stove & Plastic Curtain

We made heating and shielding off the outside air so that you can use the wood deck of the cafe & diner in winter as well.
While watching the flame of  "wood stove",please enjoy reading books while drinking "hot whiskey" or "hot lemonade".
Also "Baebecue" is here, so you can enjoy it with an outdoor sense.
Guests staying as the hotel lounges can use it free of charge .(from cafe&diner  opening  to closing time only).


Marshmallow Night

"Marshmallow night" is held in the winter period and every evening 7:00pm-8:00(December~March). By the flame I'll hand a jumbo marshmallow to the customer staying overnight, so (no charge) which is a wood stove, brown, please bake and eat it.
We also prepared a warm drink, so We're also waiting for that use.



Tree House

”Tree House”is completed on the tree in front of the cafe&diner!!
There are sofas,chairs and table sets inside,so you can relax with drinking tea or reading a book.
Guests staying at the hotel can use it free of charge if you can make a reservation at the check in time.(Time limited from the opening of a cafe&diner to closing.)
Guests except staying can use it , if you buy "Take-out" for the number of people at the cafe&diner.(Preschool children are free, but can not enter unless accompanied by an adult.)
There are sofa and lighting fixtures in it, so please enjoy unusual space with couples, family and group members.



Dinner and Breakfast plan for overnight guests

「Cafe&Diner」We offer meal between 10am and 9pm(Set meal starts until 7:30pm)
Dinner Set:It comes with aperitif/soft drink, salad, soup, paella dish and dessert with soft drink ( (Regular price for dinner course is¥3,850.  Hotel guest can get it only for¥3,080!! per person. )
Children's dinner set(3~5years old) ¥1,650: omelette・hamburger・salad
Please make a reservation in advance.
A la carte(LO:9pm):  Cafe & American Diner

「Room Service」We offer meal between 4pm and 9pm
"Shinano chicken chicken hot pot" ¥2,200 for 1 person  (reservation required by 16:00 the day before)
* Information on ingredients
Local chicken: I grew up in the nature of Kita-Shinano (5 birds per 1 square meter), running around freely and drinking spring water.
All other ingredients are fresh from the local area. Enjoy chicken pots that can only be eaten in Nagano (^^)
Pot contents: local chicken drumsticks, grilled tofu, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, green onions, carrots, garland chrysanthemum, shirataki, ojiya
Ojiya contents: rice, egg, chopped onion

"Karuizawa Kogen Lettuce Shabu-Shabu hot pot" ¥2,200 per person (reservation required by 16:00 the day before April-October)
* Information on ingredients
Lettuce: We directly purchase lettuce grown by Karuizawa farmers.
All other ingredients are fresh from the local area. Enjoy the lettuce pot that can only be eaten in Karuizawa (^^)
Pot contents: Karuizawa plateau lettuce, pork (for shabu-shabu), mushrooms, carrots, mizuna, udon

"Mushroom cooked rice" 1,650 yen per person (reservation required by 16:00 the day before, November-March)
* Information on ingredients
Mushrooms: locally produced in Shinshu
All other ingredients are fresh from the local area. Enjoy rice cooked only in Nagano (^^)

「Outdoor BBQ」We offer meal between 10am and 9:00pm. (The meal starts until 7pm)
Price for BBQ food set is¥3,520 per person. (Beef block, pork, chicken thigh, seafood, vegetables, Shinshu mushrooms, Karuizawa sausage, fried noodles are included, although the contents vary depending on the season, we are particular about Shinshu products) Please contact us for additional ingredients.
It’s free for 2 hours of usage. If you bring your own food, we will charge ¥1, 100 per person for 2 hours for the fuel fee.
Please reserve the equipment and provide us the time(3pm~、5pm~、7pm~) you start using it. (If you wish to extend your BBQ rental, ¥550 per person as an additional fee.)
* When using the cafe  wood deck and BBQ house: If you bring in drinks, a carry-on fee of 550 yen per person will be charged.

「Cafe Breakfast」We offer meal  7:30am~9am
It comes with Shinshu milk or orange juice / french toast/mini sarad / Boilled egg or fried egg / Sausage or bacon / yogurt with Coffee or tea  (Hotel guest can get it only for¥1,210!!)
Children breakfast set ¥550:Udon or Onigiri
Please make a reservation in advance.

*All the price shown here does include sales tax.


Celebrate your special day!

Would you like to celebrate your special day with us?

We offer you a bottle of champagne, a special cake with your name on it, (The size of the cake is 12 inch) and a room decoration to celebrate your special day for Christmas, birthday, wedding anniversary and more.

The basic price for the whole service is for 8,800 yen, but it will vary depending on the cake size or room decorations. Let us know ahead of time if you are willing to customize the option. We will contact you to make the plan.

Let us help you celebrate your amazing anniversary! (Consider changing anniversary. Anniversary seems to only imply couples celebrations and not birthdays or other holidays.

How to get to Jennie

By car

  • Take “Jouetsu” Express way and exit “Usui Karuizawa Interchange”. Then take ROUTE 92, ROUTE43, ROUTE18 and Asama Sun Line toward Mitsuishi.
  • Take “Jouetsu” highway and exit “Saku” interchange. Then take ROUTE 9, ROUTE 135, and turn left at “Tsuchiya Animal Hospital” on ROUTE 18 toward “Mitsutani”.

By Bullet Train and taxi

Get off the bullet train at “Karuizawa” station, and transfer to Shinano Line. Get off the train at “Miota” station and 10 minutes by taxi.